Our Projects & Communities

et al. You&Tube Discord Server

A plural space as well as the community Discord for our channels/work/etc., and the "home" of DMV Plurals!

We have spaces for aspiring You&Tubers,

DMV Plurals

Small group for plural folks in the DC Metro area/Maryland/Virginia! May expand past the et al. server soon :)

PLURalz <3 Discord Server

Riley's brainchild! A server marrying rave culture/scenecore/cringe and plurality/neurodivergency, to make a space for anyone who's more than one or who just really likes beads! It follows a strict PLUR (Peace, Love, Unity, & Respect) policy, and has something for everyone cringe.

AutisTBH Discord Server

An autism community server, open to autistics, questioning folks, & anyone in support! Themed around our beloved TBH creature.