the Body et al.

[The] body et al. is a plural collective of two systems sharing one body; the safety pins, and the Knights System! We have ~15-20 active members split relatively evenly between our two systems (as of March 14 2023).

meet the crew!


▸ zie/hir, zie/him, zie/he // hir/him

▸ A friendly anachronism


▸ AJ's a transsexual stone butch dyke and deeply proud of it. Zie/he's been described as a golden retriever by most people who've met him, and lives up to it. Zie's known to be friendly, charming, and a bit slow on the uptake.


▸ he/him ($he/her in drag) > doll/dolls, plastic/plastics, 🔪/💔, 💉/💉s, & 💅/💅s

▸ A singlet 'trapped' in a plural body

Website, Spacehey (inactive)

▸ Bo is a histrionic narcissist with a deep love for drag performance, kareoke, bimbocore, and attention! He goes by Bimbeau when performing, and is always dressed in full drag.

a cartoony drawing of crow with very exagerrated round shapes, a triangle nose, and large, downturned eyes. fey is pale with fluffy brown hair and pink sides, wearing a spiked collar, and smiling mischieviously.


▸ fey/feyr, it/its, 🦷/🦷s

▸ Frequent fronter & a BPD subsystem (called the murder)

Website, Mastodon (inactive), TikTok (defunct), Tumblr (defunct)

▸ Crow is a cripple punk transsexual butch dyke, and technically made up of 20+ 'Crows'! Fey's one of the most artistic members of our system, and loves painting with acrylics on surfaces that aren't meant to be painted. It especially loves talking about crows (obviously), plurality, neurodivergency, queerness, disability, and Moon Knight!


▸ pog/pogs, they/them, 👾/👾s, PLUR/PLURs, .exe/.exes, and more

▸ Pogchamp


▸ blurb

Sylvia Eve

▸ she/her

▸ Semi-frequent fronter and softie


▸ Sylvia Eve (who also goes by just "Sylvia" and just "Eve") is the gentlest and most anxious of the bunch. She's a newly out trans girl and very happy (if nervous) to finally be herself.

the writer

▸ vae/vaer, xe/xyr

▸ Self-identified external persecutor & massive bitch (affectionate)


▸ The writer's a nameless sociopathic dyke whose favorite thing to do it write (as the title suggests). Vae's in the process of converting to Judaism, and deeply passionate about it. Xe focuses primarily on writing about social justice issues, queerness (especially dykehood), and sociopathy/ASPD.


▸ he/him

▸ Intive without much interest in fronting


▸ blurb