[a body] et al.

Two collectives in one dubiously constructed body; the safety pins (🧷) and Knights System!

We post about various topics & create resources primarily centered around plurality, neurodiversity, queerness, and disability, but individual members often geo into other topics they're passionate about! You(&) can learn more about us in the "the Body et al." tab.

We're living with various health conditions, including progressive spinal cord damage/a neurological disability, so our ability to follow a consistent schedule is greatly reduced, but we try to post as often as we realistically can.

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A netscape-style button reading 'AJ Now!' featuring a small picture of AJ holding a fake cigarette. AJ Queer history & education (including sex ed), Web 1.0, personal experience as dyke & anachronistic headmate
A hot pink glittery button with a golden border reading 'Bimbeau' in the Barbie font. A blonde pixel page doll looks at the viewer and blinks. Bo/Bimbeau Drag, Y2K, bimbocore, gender nonconformance, and being histrionic/narcissistic (AKA perfect and hot)
crowpunk co - a button with flashing text flashing 'cripple/dyke/queer/endel/spic/crow punk' Crow Queer, disability, & neurodivergent issues, plurality, art, education, personal blogging, web graphics, and web archival
Riley/GL1TZ1 The old web, scenecore, kandi, internet cringe, queerness
Sylvia Eve ("Snuf") Transfemininity, girlhood, gender transition, feminine aesthetics
a web button to the site 'die mad dyke', with a logo on the right of a fountain pen over a pink triangle. the writer Actisim, education, writing, leftism, anarcho-communism, sociopathy, Judaism & giyur
a web button to the site 'Viktor', a dark blue button with gold letters and a gold double border that shines. Viktor Fictionfolk-hood, TBA